Sanam Gul

Activist, Singer

Chitral, Pakistan

Sanam Gul is a dedicated organizational manager, women’s rights advocate, and singer hailing from Chitral Pakistan. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics with a minor in Developmental Studies from the Asian University for Women in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Currently, she serves as a program coordinator at The Worldwide Education Fund of the Dallas Foundation, where they are committed to imparting English language skills to underprivileged children in developing countries. Sanam exudes immense enthusiasm for her community work, striving to instigate positive change, particularly for the female population. Her passion for fostering social change and promoting gender equality has driven her work with the Meher-e-khun School of Music in Pakistan. Sanam plays a pivotal role in advancing this institute, contributing to its organizational management and advocacy efforts. Her dedication ensures that the school maintains an inclusive and supportive environment where the voices and artistic talents of women from Northern Pakistan are nurtured and celebrated.

Sanam helped co-found the Meher-e-Khun School of Music with Wajahat Aalmi, a project selected to be part of the inaugural OneBeat Institute. Meher-e-khun School of Music is dedicated to nurturing the musical talent of young people, especially women, in Northern Pakistan, and reviving the traditional folk music of the Chitral and Gilgit mountain regions. The school endeavors to bring positive change to our local community and region by offering students musical training, creative opportunities and global exposure through a comprehensive music curriculum and artist residency program.