Ibrahim OmarMokhtar

Ibrahim Algheryani, aka OmarMokhtar, is an electronic music producer, multi-instrumentalist and sound design artist from Tripoli, Libya. With additional self-taught skills as a photographer and filmmaker, he often combines the mediums of sound and visual art to present compelling works reflective of pertinent issues affecting youth in Libya, such as in his short-documentary, “music to listen to at war,” which explores mental health and unrest in Libya’s capital. His work has been seen in exhibitions celebrating visual art and sound, and he currently manages Wave Studio, a media production studio in Tripoli focusing on arts and culture in the city.

Ibrahim is working with Waed Juha to establish Glass House Studios, a project selected to be part of the inaugural OneBeat Institute. Glass House is a creative studio based in Tripoli, Libya that works to create a safe haven for artists, especially youth, to express themselves, create new work, and gain valuable mentorship and new skills. Our aim is to bring diverse artists together and harness the limitless possibilities of creativity through art, music, sound and filmmaking to strengthen our local artist community and foster connections among artists in the region and around the world.