Wael Jegham

Mixing melismatic Berber melodies with mangled samples and raucous electronic beats, Wael Jegham brazenly overhauls the sound of the Maghreb. Wael’s group A5Tuna draws upon the diverse musical styles of North Africa, including Rai, Chaabi, Malouf, and Tichumaren, with punk vigor. Windy guitar licks and aggressive drum fills are blended with synth runs and stabs of local instruments. A self-taught musician and producer based in Tunisia, Wael creates genre-defying sounds that span across many mediums including film, television, and advertisement. As a composer, Wael has written original soundtracks for the short films L’Mrayet, L’Ambouba and Linge Sale, each of which have been honored as official selections at numerous international film festivals. His command of both acoustic recording styles and electronic beat-making allows his recordings to occupy versatile landscapes. He currently lends his tinkering approach to Propaganda Production Company as their sound effects and mixing engineer.