Parfum Zola


Kinshasa, Congo - Kinshasa

Moving with a calm, joyful cadence, Parfum Zola’s grooves are smooth and effortless. The Kinshasa-based percussionist’s glowing talent was acknowledged by renowned New York bassist, Ari Roland, who concluded that he had never, in his ten years of touring, seen such promise in a young drummer. Parfum’s unparalleled rhythms have secured his place as an in-demand sideman in the Congolese afropop scene. Well-known guitarist and crooner Jean Goublet hand-picked the rising star to be part of his backup band. Parfum has also led his own his own ensembles exclusively comprised of drums. Throughout his musical career, Parfum has displayed absolute dedication and perseverance in his journey. “We must have music in our blood,” Parfum notes when speaking about finding one’s voice amongst a sea of aspiring talent. Through his lo-fi homemade YouTube videos, one can observe the unshakable focus of this rock solid drummer.