Aditi Bhagwat

Aditi Bhagwat is an award-winning foot percussionist and dancer from India. Aditi specializes in the Jaipur style of classical Indian dance. The radiant storytelling of the Kathak traditions finds a strong place in Aditi’s intrinsic rhythmic sensibility. Aditi weaves the arcs of bells, graceful stomps, and echoing stillness throughout the theatrics of Kathak. Establishing a disciplined work ethic from a young age, Aditi began her rigorous studies at the age of four. Alongside grueling certifications and apprenticeships as part of her dance training, she went on to successfully complete a masters degree in Psychology. Aditi has delved into numerous Indian classical traditions, including Taal and Laikari. She has likewise welcomed the opportunity to experiment with traditional and innovative disciplines of world music using Kathak and Iavani styles in collaboration with Jazz maestro Louiz Banks, renowned percussionist Sivamani, Jazz music composer Merlin D’Souza, Rod Williams, and Bela Szakcsi Lakatos for the Gypsy-Indian World Jazz project in Hungary. With her dazzling foot percussion displays, Aditi has enthralled audiences in India and abroad in the USA, Australia, Singapore, London, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Poland and New Zealand.