Sayak Barua

Born into a family with a profound lineage of musicians and artists, Sayak Barua is committed to sharing the sarode, an Indian instrument belonging to a rich classical tradition that “uplifts the soul and spirit.” Infusing eastern raga style with western traditions of blues and jazz, Sayak’s passages spark with meditative drones and flickering improvisations. Sayak has consistently ranked high in national classical music competitions for his solo and ensemble work, and continues to expand his repertoire. He has eagerly sought to experiment with non-traditional instrumentation, including guitar and electronics, adding unexpected reverberations to his entrancing recitals. After receiving a Master’s in instrumental music at Rabindrabharati University, Sayak was appointed to a prestigious position of Junior Research Fellow for the sarode by the Indian Ministry of Culture. His passion for education has led him to tour extensively throughout India, performing his ragas in diverse and remote regions of the country. In an expansive and heterogeneous country, Sayak’s soothing and meditative drones bridge ethnic and social divides.