Weronika Partyka

Saxophonist, Singer

Szczecinek, Poland

Marrying eclectic instrumentation and the quivering “white voice” technique with modern electro-acoustic manipulation, Weronika Partyka invokes a place of longing. Her music gestures to the ancestral rites of an Eastern European folk tradition that is spectral and unearthly, reinterpreting rural Polish music across space and time. With a sense of deep connection to her Polish roots, Weronika updates the traditional song structures of her country with dashes of musique concrète. A gifted improviser with a rare touch for the saxophone, Weronika graduated from the Academy of Music in Poznan. She soon went on to embrace native ethnic instruments, including the duduk, okaryna, and fujara, with the dedication of a classically trained musician. Weronika has performed with the Art of Sound Saxophone Quartet and the Monolit Trio. She has also fostered fertile collaborations with a number of artists, including Rafał Zapała, in the spirit of promoting her home’s folk tradition.