Kato Change

A charismatic performer with inimitable improv chops, Kato Change flirts with virtuosity. Hailing from Kenya, the guitarist’s beaming onstage persona is paired with a nimble command of his instrument. Kato continually draws from a heritage of jazz legends as well as flamenco, rhythm and blues and rock genres, creating sounds that are both familiar and utterly singular. Kato Change is one of the premiere jazz guitarists in Kenya and a champion of dynamic global cultural exchange. Self-taught, Kato’s curiosity in guitar was nurtured by an emerging online community of musicians on YouTube. Foundational to his ornate, self-directed style is a universal musical pulse, energized by the continuous feedback loops that link artists across the globe. In his live videos, one can observe his leadership and generous collaborative spirit. A much sought-after player, Kato strums regularly alongside his jazz ensemble, The Change Quartet, and the rock band UETA.