Ceasar K


Beirut, Lebanon

DJ and vinyl aficionado Kayssar Kahwagi (a.k.a. Ceasar K) gravitates towards analog and vintage sounds: grainy sliced samples, swinging hi-hats, bouncing acid style baselines are intercut with filtered deadpan vocals. Headquartered in Beirut, Ceasar introduced European breakbeat to the Middle East. A relentless mover-and-shaker, Ceaser launched the first Lebanese internet radio station, opened trendsetting event space “The Silver Factory,” established the city’s premier vinyl-only bar, and formed the independent label “VL Records.” Pursuing his ideal that “music can be a serious catalyst for change in our communities,” Ceaser has proven himself a social entrepreneur and magnate of the Beirut arts scene. He has churned out a prolific amount of releases for his label, including imaginative remixes by artists both obscure and well known, alongside original works. His captivating grooves have earned him high profile collaborations with world-renowned groups like System of a Down and RZA from Wu-Tang Clan.