Kyungso Park

Kyungso Park’s gayageum compositions flow from the tranquil naturalist tendencies of classical Korean string music. Kyungso’s three solo albums flaunt modern production techniques, spaced-out house beats, and tunneling echoes, all embellishing her dazzling melodic runs. Drawing her influences from “earth, metal, wood, silk,” her work is a serene conduit for the passage of environmental states. Kyungso challenges those who see the nearly thousand year old gayageum as merely an “exotic museum piece” by introducing new 21st century applications to the versatile instrument. Committed to educating younger generations about the venerable fixture of Korean culture, Kyungso lectures on gayageum at Korea National University of Arts, Chungwoon University, and Yeoju Institute of Technology. Besides her solo work, Kyungso collaborates with the gayageum ensemble AURA and the jazz-fusion band Oriental Express. Her openness to experimentation has invited Kyungso into the company of avant garde composers and electronic DJs alike.