Kyungso Park

Kyungso Park is a contemporary composer and improvising gayageum player who freely crosses and breaks down borders between traditional and contemporary music. Since her debut as a soloist in 2008, Kyungso has been endeavoring to contemporize the long tradition of the gayageum, releasing four albums including The Most Beautiful Connection, Chunaeng, and two EPs.

In CosmoBreeze, her first solo EP released in 2008, she attempted to blend gayageum with house music, which made a strong impact on musicians of traditional Korean music. After these experiments, Kyungso began to consolidate her status as a gayageum soloist who composes and performs her own works with the release of Dung-tta, her first full album that features the gayageum as a solo instrument. Kyungso has performed throughout Europe and the Americas and has worked with Andy Sheppard, Benjamin Taubkin, Jaques Morelenbaum, Marcos Suzano, Carlos Malta, Youmna Saba, Piotr Kurek, Blitz the Ambassador, Renald Deppe, and Michael Bruckner, for which she was highly lauded.