Max Schenkman

Max Schenkman, AKA Barulho Max, is a Brazilian music educator, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, improviser and instrument builder based in São Paulo. An inimitable sound maker and holder of inexhaustible creativity, Max stretches every corner of music making, constantly searching for new timbres and new ways of combining sounds to create often quirky, fun and unpredictable music pieces. In addition to a plethora of standard instruments such as bass, guitar, flute, accordion, and percussion, Max is also an inventor and builder of instruments from the most diverse materials he can possibly find. A passionate educator, Max has been involved in a long list of educational endeavors in schools, hospitals, public spaces, and social projects. One of these projects, Construindo Música (2016), is a project of sound education, body music, composition and construction of instruments with recycled material, serving 10 schools in the public system of Suzano, an underprivileged city in the metropolitan area of São Paulo. He is also a teacher, director and arranger of Coral HAS, the choir of employees of the Albert Sabin Hospital, and A Música das Escolas da Gente, as 1 of 5 educators training 200 teachers from the public schools system of São Bernardo do Campo, in the metropolitan area of São Paulo.