Ahmet Ozan Baysal

Ahmet Ozan Baysal is a Turkish bağlama player, composer, and performer, specializing in şelpe – an Anatolian bağlama performance technique that utilizes a plectrum. Having played the instrument from a very early age, much of his music is a synthesis of traditional bağlama şelpe performance practices and harmonic practices in tonal and jazz music. Ozan typically performs on a specially designed double-necked baglama and has a wide range of festival and touring experience, including Festival d’Aix-en-Provence in Marseille, Walden Festival in Brussels, EFG London Jazz Festival, and a Fellowship at Making Tracks, a UK-based residency for global artists. He is also a dedicated and passionate researcher of şelpe technique. After completing his Ph.D. at Istanbul Technical University, Ozan is now a visiting scholar at SOAS University of London, conducting his post-doctoral research.