Makh Koudia Keita

Bass Player

Dakar, Senegal

Makh Koudia Keita is a self-taught bass player from Dakar. One of few female musicians in Senegal, she is a passionate activist, social justice advocate, and educator in addition to her prolific performance career. Makh has led and participated in a number of organizations that raise awareness about issues ranging from homelessness to albinism. She has previously participated in the International Visitor Leadership Program, worked as a Cultural Immersion Facilitator for the Young African Leaders Initiative, and most recently served as ​​a One Young World Ambassador for Youth and Peace Enterprise. As a woman with albinism, she co-founded Care Albinos, an organization that spreads awareness about and uplifts people with albinism, dispelling the misconception of weakness often associated with the condition and advocating for the rights of people with albinism. Currently, the Care Albinos assists thousands of people and has worked with the United Nations and Open Society Foundations.