Luther Wambua


Nairobi, Kenya

Luther Wambua, AKA Mr. Lu, is a Kenyan producer, composer, deejay and artist who creates music that spans the sonic spectrum. Luther has developed a unique decorative sonic landscape in his productions that transcends the boundaries of bouncy hip-hop, cosmic trap and celestial R&B. From a young age, he was interested and involved with the media industry, drawing influence from film and a broad musical palette, and driven by the ways in which the media industry is shaping our everyday lives and experience. Luther believes that music is a core component of any social justice movement, and that songs serve as inspiration for communities to examine aspects of social justice and challenge discrimination, privilege and violence. He is actively engaged with his artistic community in Nairobi, having co-founded the first Kenyan Ableton User Group with fellow producer KMRU, which hosts user workshops, feedback sessions, and beat battles to support skills building among the electronic music community in the city. He is also a member of the Nairobi-based music collective XPRSO, which has supported the production of a number of collaborative records and cross border exchanges in the region.