Ashwini Lingaraj Hiremath


Mumbai, India

Ashwini Lingaraj Hiremath, AKA Krantinaari (meaning revolutionary women), is an Indian rapper and graphic designer based in Mumbai. Owner of a compelling flow, rapping in Hindi, English, and her native language Kannada, her music approaches themes of women empowerment, sustainability and education. Krantinaari is co-founder of India’s first all-female hip hop collective Wild Wild Women, focused on strengthening women representation in India’s hip hop scene and expanding the collaborative network in that community. Recently, she was a part of Hers Is Ours residency program with multidisciplinary female artists, offering interactive workshops and performing across remote areas of Rajasthan, where the rigid hierarchical system prevents lower caste women from engaging in music making. Ashwini is currently undertaking research on the Dalit, the Lingayats, and the Adivasi, all historically discriminated communities in India, for a music project she is developing bringing awareness to the struggle of these groups. Krantinaari’s active creativity, energetic character and team-oriented disposition as organizer, rapper and designer all attest her great artistry and value as a collaborator.