Fan-Qi Wu


Pipa Player

Taoyuan City, Taiwan

Fan-Qi Wu is a Pipa player from Taiwan. Influenced and inspired by minimalist music, Scandinavian jazz, and folk music, she has absorbed different vocabularies and developed her sound in an eclectic, poetic, and spacious way. Her groundbreaking explorations of pipa have expanded the possibilities of pipa music, creating an innovative and unique bridge between cultures. In addition to her solo works, she is primarily dedicated to her project, TREMÖLO, which explores the role of pipa in different ensemble settings through free improvisation and graphic/visual-based compositions—seeking to expand new vocabularies and create a new paradigm of productive and organic dialogue with musicians from diverse backgrounds. Fan-Qi has an MA in Fine Arts from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, where she specialized in improvisation and world music. She is a dedicated educator who wishes to use her skills to create a platform for young Taiwanese students to meet and share with musicians from other parts of the world. Fan-Qi hopes that, through cooperation with public schools in Taiwan, and by inviting artists to hold workshops where they can share their unique musical cultures, she can help expand the horizons of young Taiwanese students.