Kayla Briët

Kayla Briët is a producer and multidisciplinary artist based in Long Beach, CA, whose work explores themes of futurity and belonging. With works spanning film scores and documentaries to virtual reality installations, she aims to amplify untold stories and write love letters to the diaspora communities she grew up in. Kayla is the director of Smoke That Travels, an award-winning short film that immerses viewers in her Prairie Band Potawatomi heritage. Through intimate live performances, she shares stories through wave-like vocals and live looping, mixing electronic beats with the strings of a Chinese guzheng zither and blending multi-cultural influences. In film music, she aims to accent the emotion on screen. She has scored Dear Georgina, a follow up to the Emmy award-winning film DAWNLAND. Her work has been exhibited by MoMA, PBS, NYT, SXSW, Smithsonian APAC, NMAI, and more. Her film has been archived by the Smithsonian Institute in DC. Kayla was named a YoungArts Cinematic Arts Winner, a MacArthur Foundation x Sundance New Frontier Fellow, TED Fellow, Found Sound China Music Diplomacy Fellow, Adobe Creativity Scholar, National YoungArts Winner in Cinematic Arts, and MIT Chamber Scholar. Most recently, she has been named a 2022 Asian Cultural Council Fellow where she independently researched truth and reconciliatory practices as well as expressions of Asian and Indigenous futurisms in Taiwan. Currently, Kayla is a Graduate Researcher at MIT Media Lab.