Sofyan Triyana

Sofyan Triyana is a master of traditional Indonesian music from Bandung, Indonesia, proficient in a range of native instruments such as Kacapi, Suling, Bangsing, Tarompet, Rebab, and Tarawangsa. His deep understanding of the cultural and educational roles of music in society fuels his artistic endeavors. Sofyan’s most recent collaboration with composer Ricky Destiawan in the puppet theater production “Dén Kiso’,” sponsored by the Spanish Embassy, showcased his versatility and commitment to cultural storytelling through music. Sofyan is a staunch advocate for the transformative power of music, believing it to extend beyond mere entertainment. He views music as a vital educational tool that teaches unity, resilience, and social cohesion. Through his performances and collaborations, particularly with musicians from diverse cultural backgrounds, Sofyan aims to leverage the emotive and cognitive impacts of music to foster community change and understanding. His work not only preserves the rich musical traditions of Indonesia but also reinterprets them for global audiences, emphasizing music’s role in social and cultural healing.