Lawrence Galve Parcón

Composer, Educator

Bacolod City, Philippines

Lawrence Galve Parcón is a forward-thinking composer and music educator from Bacolod City, Philippines, skilled in playing traditional instruments such as the Bandurria and Octavina. Having completed his degree in Music Education in 2022, Lawrence’s academic and musical journey has shaped his vision of bridging historical musical traditions with contemporary sounds and audiences. In 2021, Lawrence participated in a groundbreaking project alongside traditional musical instrument experts from across Asia, where they created improvisational pieces in response to visuals depicting various climate change issues. This experience profoundly impacted him, reinforcing his belief that musicians are not just creators of aesthetically pleasing sounds but also crucial conveyors of important societal messages. Motivated by the need to enhance music education in the Philippines, Lawrence founded the ‘Haraya Ensemble’. This group of multi-instrumentalist music teachers is dedicated to fostering community music education through engaging, interactive, and interdisciplinary performances and events. With Haraya Ensemble, Lawrence aims to enrich the musical landscape by making education accessible and relevant, ensuring that music continues to be a vital part of community and cultural engagement.