Juliane Merenciano Gamboa

Juliane Gamboa is a Brazilian singer-songwriter, curator and music teacher currently based in Rio de Janeiro. Born in the mountains of Petrópolis into a musical family, Juliane learned music informally from childhood until it became a professional occupation after moving to Rio in 2016. “As a black woman raised by a hard-working family, assuming myself as an artist was very difficult, for a long time. I needed to reconnect with my ancestry through silence, solitude, spirituality and community in order to start listening to myself.” She holds a degree in Art History from UFRJ, which led her to work in museums and cultural centers around the city, as well as to engage in several cultural projects as curator and facilitator. She was recently a fellow in MARES – Women Artists in Residency, an all women/non-binary 4-month residency program in Rio, recording a collaborative album with 24 other participants. An activist and advocate for gender equality and black women in arts, Juliane is also an experienced music teacher for young children and has produced events such as “Sarau Mulher é Música” and “Sarau Abayomi de mulheres”, focusing on the works of local black female artists.