Jackson Omondi Rakama

Composer, Producer

Nairobi, Kenya

Jackson Omondi Rakama, aka Jegede, is an experienced producer with a versatile skill set hailing from Nairobi, Kenya. A self taught producer, his work spans multiple genres including Afrobeat, Genge, Dancehall, Zouk and more. He has worked with a wide array of Kenyan and international artists, garnering thousands of views on YouTube, and received the Pulse award for Breakthrough Music Video of the Year in 2016. Jackson also serves as a mentor to many artists across Kenya, and is dedicated to using his own platform and talents to uplift a younger community of musicians, often financing their own productions. He is also dedicated to reaching underserved audiences, organizing and financing his own tours to regions of the country outside of major cities that are less likely to receive high quality performance.