Zahira Noguera

Cuatro Player

Bogotá, Colombia

Zahira Noguera is a virtuosic Cuatro Venezolano and Bandola Llanera player from Bogota, Colombia. Brought up in a musical family, she has been immersed in a diverse music practice since an early age and has achieved recognition as one of the few internationally renowned female performers of Llanera music. She is music director and Bandola player in Guarura, an all-female group promoting the music from the Llanos – a coastal region shared between Colombia and Venezuela – aimed at breaking away from the masculine stereotypes usually associated with this kind of music. She is also part of the Sankofa Trio, researching Latin American and World music. Her recent work on the Teté Project focuses collaborations that mix music, dance and literature of the Magdalena River territory in Colombia, with an emphasis on amplifying the work of women within those disciplines and empowering young girls through these artforms. Additionally, Zahira has a consistent experience teaching music and offering educational concerts, cherishing spaces for dialogue and reflection. She has created and consolidated spaces centered around work for equity and female empowerment and is dedicated to providing opportunities for female artists to show their cultural processes and works.