Ahmed Ennassiri

Ahmed Ennassiri is a vocalist and singer-songwriter from Tinghir, Morocco who found his musical inspiration in the rich artistic expressions and traditions of Draa Tafilalet region. Immersed in the mystique of Amazigh rhythms, Ahmed’s talent for making music emerged at a young age, weaving ancient sounds into contemporary rock with his band, Meteor Airlines. Through Meteor Airlines, Ahmed aims to revive and safeguard Morocco’s vibrant Amazigh cultural heritage, addressing cultural erosion among Moroccan communities. Meteor Airlines’ latest album, AGDAL, produced as part of the Community Heritage Exchange Initiative (CHEI), celebrates Morocco’s Amazigh communities’ ancestral environmental wisdom. It addresses Morocco’s ecosystem vulnerabilities and resilience through music, poetry, and images, urging climate action. Through AGDAL, Ahmed aims to share the essence of Amazigh Rock with a global audience, encapsulating the beauty and richness of his cultural roots.