Hyeyoung Hwang

Geomungo Player

Seoul, South Korea

Hyeyoung Hwang is a geomungo (Korean zither) player, composer, and co-founder of the celebrated duo Dal:um based in Seoul, South Korea. Hyeyoung is an extraordinary performer of the instrument who explores both traditional and contemporary, original sounds in her playing and composing. Dal:um released its debut album, Similar & Different, through the GlitterBeats label in 2021 and embarked on an epic three-year international tour, visiting 55 cities across 20 countries. During this touring period, Hyeyoung began her first solo project, modifying her geomungo from six to ten strings, aiming to broaden the harmonic and tonal performance possibilities of the instrument. In 2022, she was featured in the UK magazine Songlines with the title “My Instrument, Hyeyoung Hwang and Her Geomungo”, contributing to the wider recognition of Korean traditional instruments.