Camelia Jonathan

Camelia Jonathan, aka CJ, intricately weaves her musical narrative in a versatile career that has evolved from a singer-songwriter to a music producer. Her captivating works include the soundscape single “7 Days for Earth” and immersive audio dramas like Hello Goodbye. CJ advocates for female empowerment in tech and explores the impact of the digital era on music trends. This passion seamlessly intertwines with her music, creating a rich discography filled with innovative tracks that playfully blend diverse genres while remaining effortlessly accessible thanks to her deep-rooted influences in pop tunes and mid-90s era music. From collaborative efforts with youth communities to clinching victories in national-level competitions, CJ’s journey has been marked by innovation and excellence. Flourishing over the past decade as a female digital music producer, she has recently found new inspiration in traditional culture and non-standard tunings. Now, CJ stands on the brink of her finest work yet with her eclectic project, Estrogina.