Arancha Peláez Cházaro

Arancha Peláez Cházaro, a versatile multi-instrumentalist from Veracruz, has carved a unique niche in the world of traditional Mexican music. From the tender age of six, Arancha embraced the Son Jarocho tradition, mastering instruments like the jarana and becoming an accomplished traditional poet, thanks to her grandfather’s heritage. Her profound connection to her roots is evident in her evolution as a versadora, jaranera, leonera, cantadora and composer where she redefines the boundaries of traditional Son Jarocho through incorporating rap, beats, loops, experimental sounds.

Arancha’s musical education is as diverse as her talents. She honed her classical skills as a viola player at the Instituto Superior de Música del Estado de Veracruz and she was honored with a BA in Musical Education from Universidad Veracruzana, graduating with special honors. She has further broadened her horizons in cultural exchange programs like Found Sound México and the American Music Abroad Academy in Colombia. This educational journey has not only refined her skills but also deepened her understanding and appreciation of music’s transformative power.

As a queer artist, Arancha is dedicated to challenging the often sexist and homophobic norms prevalent in her local music scene. She expresses her activist-driven thoughts about social justice, feminism and diversity through her musical projects. Her commitment to these values is evident in their approach to collaborative and transformative musical education.