Zere Asylbek


Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Zere Asylbek, a vocalist from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, is not only a talented musician but also a bold advocate for gender equality. Zere’s impactful journey began with her debut Kyrgyz-language song “Kyz” (“Girl”’), a powerful call for respect towards women and their choices in Kyrgyz society. Despite facing backlash, Zere remained undeterred, continuing her fight for gender equality through her music.

Her commitment to advocacy led her to perform at the Civil Society Forum preceding the UN Economic Commission for Europe’s Beijing+25 Regional Review Meeting, where she showcased her dedication to women’s empowerment. Zere’s recent album, Men Kaidamyn, beautifully blends traditional Kyrgyz instruments with contemporary elements like piano and bass. This album delves into the complex lives of Kyrgyz women in modern society, reflecting the myriad challenges they face.

Zere’s artistry goes beyond entertainment; it is a feminist protest against entrenched patriarchal norms. Her work seamlessly integrates activism with music, making a powerful statement in support of gender equality. As an artist, actress, and activist, Zere explores a range of themes in her music, including harassment, domestic violence, sisterhood, and the existential realities of living in a woman’s body.