Jairo Rodriguez

Jairo Rodríguez, a multi-talented musician from Bogotá, Colombia, is recognized for his extensive knowledge in a wide spectrum of music, ranging from contemporary academic to ancient traditional forms. A graduate of Javeriana University, Jairo’s musical journey is deeply rooted in the wisdom shared by elders and masters across various Colombian traditions. He has honed his craft through substantial experiences as a music educator in diverse communities and has been the recipient of a Turkey Burslari scholarship.

As a composer, improviser, and multi-instrumentalist, Jairo has contributed to over 20 musical projects, showcasing his versatility in playing bass, several wind instruments, and a range of traditional Colombian instruments. One of his career highlights includes being a part of the acclaimed Mucho Indio, led by the late Teto Ocampo since 2019. This group uniquely merges traditional music with contemporary elements, reflecting Jairo’s long-term engagement with the Arhuaco community in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, among others. His work in ethnic intercultural sharing has been a catalyst for his creative and human development, opening new horizons in his artistic journey. He is also the director and founder of MitH FotU Records, a label focused on free improvisation.