Pavithra Chari Interviewed by Rolling Stone India

Rolling Stone India interviewed 2018 Fellow Pavithra Chari about her upcoming music residency in Pokhara, Nepal. Chari was chosen to participate in this year’s Seashells on the Mountains artist residency, which began on October 14th at The Pavillions Himalaya, an eco-sensitive resort nestled in a forested valley and set against the backdrop of the Himalayan mountain range, and which culminates with the live performances of new works by the selected artists on October 27th. Pavithra, who studied with legendary Khayal singer Shubha Mudgal, has herself recently starting interviewing other traditional singers with the hopes of documenting burgeoning trends in Hindustani music. Regarding her research, Pavithra said: “I think as a student of Hindustani classical music, it’s important to have that sense of inquiry and that sense of understanding the people and compositions I’m representing on and off stage, and learning about the research that I’m taking up is basically to understand and analyze everything I’m singing, to know more about the content and what the pieces are about.”

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