OneBeat Portrait: Daniela Serna

This portrait features percussionist and composer Daniela Serna (OneBeat 2014), who speaks about her lifelong commitment to music. She describes the formation of LADAMA, an international collective of women who are building communities through sound. “Musicians are so used to just play, and to show… sometimes we kind of forget that we have this amazing power just to listen,” says Daniela. “My advice would definitely be to be music activists, try to engage your music and artistic and creative work, which we all do as musicians, with something that makes your community better.  If there’s something that bothers you in your community — something that you don’t like — it’s better for you to do something about it through your work. That’s a good way to live.”


Temujin Doran
María Catalina Sandoval – VIDEORGÁNICA

Other Footage by:
Marhu McCormick
Texaqui Jimenez
Francisco Mendoza
Unai Torres
Emilia Dávila
Ramón Méndez