OneBeat 2015 Portrait – Daniel Limaverde

Daniel Limaverde is a Rio De Janeiro-based producer and composer.

“The nature of electronic music comes from studio work — it’s not meant to be a performance, and that’s the challenge of right now. We are just like a bunch of fake VJs and fake DJs because everyone just presses play. Once in awhile you can create some interactive stuff. Eventually technology will catch up on that, and we’ll have some kind of interface, but right now we don’t have it.

If you want to be an artist, with your name on it, you have to perform. That’s the main revenue of your living. I have to create a music that is doable live – but i don’t want to create something that is just, “press play.” Because i don’t feel comfortable doing that, like looking at a screen. When you go to a piano concert, you can choose to sit looking at the hands of the concert pianist, or looking at his face from the other side. So from one you can see the technique, and from the other point of view, you can see his face, and what he’s feeling. I think it’s like that, it helps a lot for you to feel the music.”