OneBeat 2015 Portrait – Gizem Oruç

Gizem Oruç (a.k.a 6zm) is an Istanbul-based musician, sound designer and producer.
“I find it very important to approach it holistically, art. The music is basically helping me to heal. I have many songs called Cure (cure 1, cure 2).

I was making the music for an experimental documentary, it’s called Direnayol, in English, Resist Ayol. It’s about how LGBT-plus people were active during Gezi Riots. it became a symbol of all this unease — being more conservative, being less free in many aspects of life. It was a symbolic uprising, which was triggered by this gentrification issue but turned into something totally else. The LGBT-plus communities- they had a stand just in the middle of the park, so everybody that was coming were seeing these people, all these brochures, getting aware. And it was perfect for the visibility of this community. We need to be out of all this drama and trouble, turn it into something creative. So we keep on changing the world into something that we want it to be, through art and music — music is really important to do this.”