OneBeat 9 Mixtape Released

The 9th edition of the OneBeat U.S. program brought together 21 OneBeat Fellows from 12 countries & territories to our beloved residency site at the Atlantic Center for the Arts.

Nestled in the quietude of the beautiful grounds and buildings of this artist residency, Fellows were free to explore this year’s theme – Sonic Imaginaries. The pioneering musician and researcher Pauline Oliveros describes our preference for visual articulations of our imagination as the priority of the visual over aural, which rules much of contemporary culture. But imagination is much more than images – it is a realm of possibilities, of the unexpected, and of the new. What we might call ‘the mind’s ear’ is a distinctive, under-researched form of human self-knowledge, and a way of formulating alternative futures with the help of our auditory capacities.

This mixtape is a showcase of the work and imaginations of a group of incredible and curious musicians who came together to delve into their own and each other’s unique musical worlds and landscapes. We hope that you, the listener, can be nourished by these sonic imaginations and ‘aurilized’ inner worlds, and travel with us on this journey to the mind’s ear!

Listen below via Bandcamp: