OneBeat 2018 Mixtape: Vol. 6 – Heliopause

The last volume of our 2018 Mixtape is here! Heliopause, features the most experimental works- abstract pieces perhaps only understandable by the most adventurous human ears (and ideally a few extra-terrestrial ones)- as Voyager journey’s on into the dark beyond.

The OneBeat 2018 Mixtape: Golden Record is now available for streaming in its entirety here.

For full credit information, or to download the mixtape, visit our Bandcamp Page.

The mixtape takes inspiration from Carl Sagan’s famous 1971 Golden Record, sent into outer space aboard two Voyager spacecrafts, setting a human record for the farthest flung human LPs. Our OneBeat Golden Record record was produced by an international cadre of sonic explorers, and features all 24 of the OneBeat Fellows, who hail from 17 different human countries. And while we don’t have the funds to launch physical copies of this record beyond the stratosphere, we do hope to circulate it widely within the known world.

Golden Record is divided into six chapters, which follow the path of the Voyagers from our home on Earth, around Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and into the great unknown Heliopause. Rather than follow existing traditions of assigning the planets meaning –per their Greek and Roman namesakes or astrological implications– we have instead assigned the planets novel musical meanings.