OMMA’s Sound Installation Presented In “We Aim To Live” Exhibition at Zuzeum in Riga, Latvia

2017 alumna Olga Maximova (OMMA) is presenting a new sound installation titled PLAVAY.Hydrodance in Riga’s Zuzeum Arts Centre’s inaugural exhibition “We Aim To Live”. 

On the piece, which grew out of a collaboration with Anna Politiko, OMMA says, “This whole audio piece delivers different moods and vibrations. I wanted to reveal the phases of nature, all hydro elements: low and high tides, wind, sea birds, and underwater creatures. The piece conveys the feeling of ‘underwaterness’ through sound filters. Some elements of the composition were recorded with Playtronica’s TouchMe device when I was playing with conductivity in the water.”

Listen to PLAVAY.Hydrodance below. Read more about Zuzeum’s “We Aim To Live” here.