Wu Siou Ming

Wu Siou Ming’s multi-disciplinary works in sound, digital video, installation and electronic music have been widely presented across Taiwan. Wu Siou Ming’s site specific projects explore phenomenology and human perception along with social issues facing urban spaces in his hometown: economic injustice, youth protest and unsustainable environmental practices. His installations and performances have won him numerous awards from prestigious organizations including the National Art Exhibition ROC, Austronesian International Arts, Taipei Creativity City and Taoyuan Creative Aesthetics.

Wu Siou Ming was a third-round recipient of a OneBeat Accelerator for his project, ‘Looking for the Fruits of Memory‘, a reality game & audio installation taking place in old, abandoned military bases in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, featuring stories of elders who used to live in these spaces.

Elders living in Kaohsiung City face many difficulties, including the need to adapt to the new community environment, loneliness, and a large generational gap with younger folks moving in. Over the past year, Wu Siou Ming has surveyed residents in the area extensively, recording stories of elders along the way. ‘Looking for the Fruits of Memory’ offers a creative way to pass their stories to the new generation of people.

The installation featured audio from interviews with elders, as well as soundscape recordings. Ming makes use of motion sensors, installed around the old military village base, to trigger sound playback. He is currently developing further interactive elements for this imaginative project that connects with elders & storytelling in a powerful way.