Lucie Pachova

Photo by Patricia Lois Nuss

Raised on Central European folk music, Lucie Páchová’s music draws from varied musical backgrounds, including contemporary classical music, jazz, Balkan music, experimental and electronic music, and free improvisation. Graduating from Janaček Academy of Music and Performing Arts Multimedia Composition Department, she has focused on new media theater performances, experimenting with projections, dance and multi-channel sound installations. Apart from playing with her band, Talaqpo, Lucie has worked with established artists and ensembles from around the world, including the Prague improvisational orchestra, Dunami Ensemble, Ato-nut, NAU, George Cremaschi, Peter Graham, Phil Niblock, and Suzanna Gartmayer. She has also scored music for contemporary theater, film, and dance and is a prominent figure in the contemporary Czech free-improvisation music scene.

Lucie received a OneBeat Accelerator for her project, ‘Sound and Climate Camp‘. The project consists of a youth residency with a goal of inspiring young people living in northwestern Czechia to address local social-environmental challenges through creative work with sound and music.

The six day long Sound & Climate Camp will gather 12 young participants from Bílina, Litvínov and Duchcov- small towns situated around the Bílina coal mine. The program offers two principal workshops (podcast production and rap/ electronic music), various sound-oriented activities, games, jam sessions, song-writing workshops, community fires, dance and sports as well as open discussions with guests and locals on the topics of local environmental challenges, active citizenship and community involvement.

The goal of the program is to inspire the young people living in the north-western Czechia to address the local social-environmental challenges through creative work with sound and music. Participants of Sound & Climate camp get involved into the creative sound-based activities leading to a dialog about their surrounding environment, everyday life and diverse relationship networks. The camp seeks to provide participants with the creative tools and guidance to shape their ideas into the results that can be shared with their wider community.