Sick Studio

Sick Studio is a project from Anna Roberts-Gevalt (OneBeat 2014). It is a collaborative project between Anna, a chronically ill musician, and Sarah Galdes, an able-bodied producer. The project asks, what if recording studios had been invented by sick people?

The two artists built together a recording process that embraced and centered a sick state of being and perspective : a shared set of accessibility tools, accommodations, disability-centered working language, and processed that bridge the gaps of Anna’s specific impairments. The fruits of their experimentation produced a forthcoming short EP, a how-to-zine [online & physical]— a guidebook for chronically ill recording, and writing documenting their process.


Anna Roberts-Gevalt is a Baltimore-based fiddle player and educator. After falling in love with old-time appalachian music in college, Anna travelled to Eastern Kentucky to study. She has worked extensively with ballad singer Elizabeth LaPrelle on multi-faceted performances that include storytelling, ornate harmonies and lo-fi visual pieces utilizing puppetry and traditional craft.