Juan Arminandi Unveils ‘re-sound’: A Unique Sound Experiment with the MU74N Instrument

Juan Arminandi, a composer, instrument builder, multi-instrumentalist, and OneBeat 12 alumnus, recently released an innovative sound experiment titled ‘re-sound’. This distinctive project was recorded during the OneBeat 12 residency and features contributions from both fellows and staff members. The centerpiece of this experiment is the MU74N, a one-of-a-kind instrument created by Juan himself, aptly pronounced ‘mutant’.

The MU74N stands out for its adaptability to the musician playing it. This characteristic allowed each participant to interact with the instrument in their own unique way, resulting in a diverse and rich auditory experience. Juan’s approach to the experiment was unconventional; he encouraged participants to play the MU74N guided solely by their instincts, without prior explanation of his underlying intentions. He noted, “I just say, ‘do what you feel in the moment’. The results were beyond my expectations.”

When reflecting on the project, Juan recognizes that the MU74N not only adapts to the musicians but also acts as a catalyst for deeper conversations and reflections on freedom, humanity, electronic music, and various contemporary social and cultural issues. ‘re-sound’ is more than a musical project; it is a journey into the heart of creativity and the power of innovative instrumentation to inspire dialogue and connection.

Listen below!