OneBeat Echoes – Sunu Kadu

During OneBeat 2012, Senegalese MC Paul Pissety Sagna (aka PPS) was deeply inspired by his experience visiting Words, Beats, & Life (WBL), a OneBeat tour partner organization based in Washington, DC that is dedicated to transforming individual lives and communities through hip hop & education. As PPS describes it, his hometown of Rufisque, Senegal has a strong music scene but no recording studio and very few outlets for training youth in music production. PPS immediately connected with WBL’s mission of education through hip hop. He developed his idea for Sunu Kaddu, a Rufisque-based recording studio and youth center, while working with WBL in Washington DC.

PPS describes Sunu Kaddu as an “arts paradise for the community, dedicated to creation and education.”  Led by PPS and a team of dedicated administrators, his vision is for Sunu Kaddu to be a premiere studio for the many talented artists based in Rufisque, young and old, as well as a respected recording destination for musicians around Senegal. The central mission of Sunu Kaddu will be to develop arts programming for young people in Rufisque, leading workshops in area schools and inviting young musicians and producers to train in the studio.

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