“OneBeat is one of the greatest initiatives in advancing the meeting of cultures worldwide.”

– Dave Douglas, OneBeat Collaborating Artist


“World music in its truest sense”

– The New York Times, Larry Rohter


“People continue to be speechless & awestruck when attempting to relay their experience of OneBeat. The music that was shared still has people processing what they were a part of, in a dynamic & positive way.

– Shodekeh Talifero, OneBeat 2018 Collaborating Artist


“I see OneBeat as a breakthrough in music diplomacy…whilst there’s been a rich heritage of music diplomacy going back to the 19th century, it used to mean that countries would arrange for their star musicians to go overseas and perform. But OneBeat is different because it isn’t about America sending Americans overseas, it’s about bringing musicians to this country to meet each other, to engage with Americans here, and to produce a musical conversation, and it’s that sense where the whole program represents the United States listening to the world in an important way…it’s about being relevant in more ways than just showing just how fantastic the culture that originated in the United States is. We can be relevant by facilitating reconciliation, and I think that’s hard to beat.”

Nicholas Cull, Professor of Public Diplomacy at USC Annenberg


“OneBeat was sincerely one of the deepest experiences of my life, one that shifted the plates of my foundation both as a creator and human.”

Courtney Hartman, 2017 OneBeat Fellow from Lovelace, CO


“OneBeat has created an unforgettable memory for me. I feel I have a new vision of what I want and where I want to be; I feel full of values and new methodological procedures to teach; I have new anecdotes; I have new brothers and sisters; I have a brain flooded with sonorities; I have a long and incredible way to go; and I am stronger and more creative to develop future projects.”

Jenn del Tambo, OneBeat 2019 Fellow


“OneBeat is a paradise for musicians. I learned beautiful things, and my way of relating with myself and others has completely changed. Life will never be the same. Music will never be the same. Sound will never be the same. I can already feel how my heart will expand through the planet when we say goodbye and return to our countries. The whole world will feel like home.”

Andrea Hoyos, 2019 Fellow from Colombia


“OneBeat reinforced my conviction that despite what country you live in, and how much social equality and justice there is in its politics and laws, as an artist you possess your own, powerful leadership.”

Eleonora Gotopa Reyes, 2015 OneBeat Fellow from Venezuela


The model of musical diplomacy that OneBeat utilizes will definitely be a guide. Multiple audience members said that the OneBeat performance was the most impactful concert they had seen in recent memory.

– Steve Head, Pulp Arts Outreach Coordinator


“Seeing all these women defy borders and take the stage to make music with determination and hope has sparked an urge to try my best to inspire women back home who have talent, but are scared to come out and share it with the world.”

Kasiva Mutua, 2013 OneBeat Fellow from Nairobi, Kenya


“Meeting the OneBeat artists through the language of shared music making was thrilling for our students as well as for our teachers and staff. Getting to hear and touch instruments they had never seen, collaborating with world class artists, being listened to and encouraged to express themselves musically – all these things will remain with our students and staff for a lifetime. We couldn’t get over the quality and professionalism of the musicians, and the generosity and creativity that they shared with our students.”

– Elise Witt, Global Village Project Director of Music Programs


“I have always been a collaborator and led many projects, but after OneBeat I had a new desire in life to pursue working with youth and in education. This has become one of the most meaningful experiences I have ever had in my life.”

Sara Lucas, 2014 OneBeat Fellow and LADAMA co-founder


“My participation in OneBeat was a transformational experience. It was so inspiring to be part of a group of young artists unafraid to transcend politics, history, language, and countless cultural differences in order to create new, beautiful, meaningful work. OneBeat released me back into my daily life thirstier, hungrier, and more committed to building a life based on mutual understanding and creativity.”

Eva Salina, 2012 OneBeat Fellow from Brooklyn, NY


“OneBeat is important in its potential to be a platform for advancing society by building tolerance and understanding and unifying cultures through musical collaboration. This is incalculably valuable. It’s an opportunity that we all need to capitalize on. OneBeat is a catalyst for dialogue.”

Mpumelelo Mcata, 2013 OneBeat Fellow from Johannesburg, South Africa


“… we were able to glimpse other cultures, and marvel at a level of diversity none of us had ever seen. Personally, I was awed by the unity the Fellows and their music displayed. We all face the same struggles, the same hardships, but OneBeat highlights and asks the question, why can’t we share some of the victories?”

Jaden Gray, 9th grader, James Logan High School