Towards a New Egyptian Indie

In her essay for the ONEBEAT ZINE Vol. 1: The Golden Record, 2014 Fellow and renowned vocalist and activist Shereen Abdo highlights the continued barriers to women’s participation in Egypt’s music scene.

Regarding the lack of women in the music industry and the sidelining of many, who are trying to make strides, Shareen says: “Within macho societies, and especially Arab ones, women’s daily struggles to build a life in the arts is double what men face. While it’s already a difficult profession for men, women also face continued stereotyping and exclusion. We need women’s empowerment at all levels, and culture should not be a neglected element of this empowerment. Free arts schools for girls in poor neighborhoods should be initiated. Courses and scholarships here and abroad should be made available for females especially.”

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This essay is taken from ONEBEAT ZINE Vol. 1: The Golden Record