Meher-e-Khun Music School and Residency – Wajahat Shah

Meher-e-Khun is a music school nestled among the beautiful mountains of the Karakorum Range in Pakistan. It was launched by OneBeat alumnus Wajahat Shah Aalmi, a musician with a dream of preserving musical traditions for future generations in these mountainous regions of Pakistan, particularly in the Yasin valley.

Meher-e-Khun educates and shares music & creative expression philosophies with future generations through a school and residency. Its programming prioritizes women in music, as women are often unable to explore their potential as creative artists due to certain societal circumstances. The goal of Meher-e-Khun is to bring positive change to the local community, providing students with opportunities to think outside the box, gain exposure to the wider world, and live out their greatest dreams and visions.