In addition to our month-long flagship program, OneBeat is a constellation of civically engaged music projects in production around the globe


OneBeat Presents is a curatorial platform promoting public programming which falls outside of OneBeat’s recurring residency and tour cycle. Launched in 2020, OneBeat Presents first offering was the OneBeat Marathon, an online concert featuring 18 sets of surprising, soulful music in solo, duo and trio acts from 14 countries. In 2021, OneBeat Presents will produce additional virtual events including additional online marathons, public lectures, short performances and talkbacks, workshops and more.


From the Kyrgyz three-stringed komuz played on the high steppe, to the tranceful marimba de chonta of Colombia’s pacific shore, to the Algerian Amazigh highlands and to the trippy organic beats of Bombay’s underground scene — OneBeat finds a unifying possibility of sound that ties us all together.

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