In addition to our month-long flagship program, OneBeat is a constellation of civically engaged music projects in production around the globe


OneBeat Abroad programs bring the transformational experience of OneBeat to countries around the globe, through an annual residency and tour program that takes place in a different country or region of the world each year. OneBeat Abroad programs build upon the success of our OneBeat U.S. programming, while also supporting our growing global alumni network and strengthening those relationships. Partnering with past Fellows to bring the transformational experience of OneBeat to their home communities allows us to share OneBeat’s universal ethos of creative collaboration with a wider audience, while tailoring programs more effectively to specific regions outside of the U.S.

Programs are typically 2-3 weeks consisting approximately of a residency and short tour. OneBeat Abroad programs are designed in close partnership with OneBeat Alumni and Embassy Posts, who help to create a program that will share the ethos of creative collaboration with wider audiences, while also tailoring the programs to those specific countries and regions. OneBeat Abroad programs began in 2016 with OneBeat Istanbul, and has since taken place in Russia, the Balkans, Colombia, Lebanon and Algeria.