Tsanta Randriamihajasoa

Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist

Antananarivo, Madagascar

Tsanta Randriamihajasoa is a renowned young Antananarivo-based composer and multi-instrumentalist. Taking up the flute at age four, Tsanta grew up performing in the family band SODIALA with his parents and two younger brothers, mastering a number of styles from jazz to Malagasy folk. At only twenty, Tsanta has toured internationally and performed alongside a range of well-known artists from Madagascar including Samoela, Erick Manana, Lalao Rabeson and others. Dedicated to preserving Malagasy culture, Tsanta is a nationally renowned performer on numerous traditional instruments including sodina (flute), kabosa (mandolin) and valiha (zither), as well as trumpet, guitar and piano.