Septina Layan

Composer, Vocalist

Merauke Papua, Indonesia

Septina Layan is a composer, singer and researcher of Moluccan descent, born and raised in Merauke Papua, Indonesia. In her work, she brings together nature sound and dialects from Papua and Maluku to create choral compositions that also involve voice, field recordings, and percussion instruments such as tifa, fuu, and pikon. Septina has performed at notable global festivals including Taman Ismail Marzuki Jakarta, Asia Topa at Art Center Melbourne, Holland Festival in Amsterdam and Festival Theater Der Welt in Dusseldorf. Currently, she works as a music lecturer at Institut Seni Budaya Indonesia Tanah Papua in Jayapura and as a cultural researcher in South Papua. Septina is also one of the founders of Action Papua, a Jayapura Papua-based community dedicated to the documentation and creation of literacy work and art music.