Aldo Ahmad

Improviser, Percussionist

West Sumatra, Indonesia

Aldo Ahmad, a.k.a Sipaningkah, is a percussionist, multi-instrumentalist, improviser, sound artist and instrument builder from Lubuk Sikaping, West Sumatra. His compositions draw from both Indonesian and Western traditions, producing a wide variety of works including electro-acoustic pieces, sound installations, scores for dance, and multi-disciplinary projects. His work has been presented in numerous cities in Indonesia including Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Surakarta, Bandung, Magelang and Balikpapan; his electroacoustic instrument project has also been presented in Tokyo and Osaka.

Aldo studied Percussion at Yogyakarta State University and Music Composition at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts Surakarta. Currently, he is a member of the collective Total Perkusi and is the Percussion principal at Bandung Philharmonic Orchestra. He is also the Program and Artistic Director of Pasamoan Art Initiated, a compilation highlighting collaborations by musicians from diverse backgrounds and sits on the board of Kombo Improvisation Lab, a platform supporting improvisation and the spirit of experimentation in music and arts education.