Samer Etienne Chami

Samer Etienne Chami (a.k.a Etyen) is a Beirut-based composer, producer and sound designer. In addition to his solo project as Etyen, he has collaborated with a number of groundbreaking artists including the provocative Syrian-Filipino rapper Chyno. Weaving together samples from unlikely sources — such as iconic Lebanese vocalist Wadih El Safi — Etyen creates a unique sound universe that is at once global and rooted in his local scene. He describes himself as a music producer and “philosopher of sorts,” finding great personal and political power in the act of musical expression. “Through creation, I found an escape; my ultimate form of expression. A means by which I could cope with the world and understand it and myself better. Making music helps me stay true to my feelings and myself, by understanding where the inspiration comes from, what motivates and drives it and myself to make it come to life in the first place.”