Ibukun Emuwawon

Ibukun Emuwawon (a.k.a. IBK Spaceshipboi ) is a producer based in Lagos, Nigeria. Music has always been a part of Ibukun’s life, whether it be banging on a stool and recording it on cassette tape as a child, directing his university choir, or producing hip-hop beats for fellow Nigerian rappers. Now, under the name IBK Spaceshipboi, he crafts inventive tracks that blend deep beats and smooth vocals with a unique sense of playfulness, drawing from his extensive background in performing, composing, arranging and teaching. He has also received international attention for his hip-hop production skills, having been presented by BET international as one of Nigeria’s premiere music producers, and going on to produce music for the first-ever cypher at the BET Hip Hop Awards in 2011.”In 2013, he released his debut album “I Come in Peace,” which went on to bag numerous award nominations, including Album of the year, Best Collaboration on a Track, and Best Hip-Hop Artist at the NGMA (Nigerian Gospel Music Awards). Working alongside fellow artists, IBK Spaceshipboi has also participated in campaigns on Malaria awareness and has a strong passion for his local artistic community.